The Language Experiment: 100 days later…

I like learning. I have always had, and always will, probably. 103 days ago, to be perfectly precise, I decided to learn simultaneously two languages, after reading several articles about the benefit of it. I already talked about that experiment, if you recall: I chose two languages that I already encountered, German and Italian. I began learning Italian at five, German at 12, but my level was beginner in both (because let’s be honest, I forgot every damn thing).

So, I started using Duolingo, because I have read an article about a security guard who learnt six languages using the app (and it’s free). At the beginning, I did between three to five exercises a day in each language: it was easy, the sentences were totally lame (I mean, come on! « Io parla con l’anatra » ? That literally means « I am talking with the duck »!) but it was okay, I was a student, I had a lot of free time. I progressed fast, well, as fast as I could, within a month, I went from 10% (knowledge of the German language) to 20%!

Then, I started my CELTA. Spoiler alert: it was hard to keep up.

Remember during 58 days, I was doing three to five exercises per language. During CELTA, when I managed correctly one per language, I was super happy. Like truly, freaking happy. But I never stopped, and reached to 100 days. According to Duolingo, I have now a knowledge of 29% in German and 20% in Italian (A1/A2)

Some thoughts about the experiment:

-I am going to continue, of course! I want to reach at least 50%  of knowledge in both of the languages, and I will add a third one at that point. That’s the whole point of the experiment, right?

-I am better in German than in Italian. French is my mother tongue, but since my brain is mostly working in English, it’s actually easier for me to learn German, which is really close to English (yes, it is! The vocabulary is so close, it’s astounding!)

-Learning through an app is hard. Nobody is helping you, nobody explains why you are wrong. I bought some books to help me, but I need actual people to speak with. In short, that’s why we need flesh and bones teachers.

Next article on that subject? In 97 days….


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